Pardon Boulangerie harmonizes classic tastes of French cuisine with traditional methods and put it on your table with novel flavors.

Since its foundation in 2021, Pardon Boulangerie was developed as a story of years of hard work, passion and sourdough. Carefully selected local grains, grinded in stone mills are solely used in each flavor of Pardon and method of slow fermentation, passed from generations to generations, is used with natural sourdough. Each hand-made batch demonstrate our passion for transforming grains that are rich on nutrients with healthy, delicious and unique tastes.

On its quest for seeking the best, Pardon Boulangerie works day after day to develop new recipes with 100% sourdough which contain the unique combination of high-quality flours and slow fermentation.

We distribute our products from both our own branches and various stores after their production in our workshop in Mecidiyeköy by our meticulous team under leadership of Chef Taha.

If we need to make a healthy choice on the road that starts from the soil and ends in our bodies,

It should be paved in “sourdough”.