Chef Bengi Kayhan

Chef Bengi developed a strong relationship with food at a very young age. As the child of working parents, she grew up experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen by herself. After studying sociology at Hacettepe, Bengi followed her passion for the culinary arts. 

She received culinary education in France after winning a place to study at the highly regarded Vocational High School of Commerce's Cooking Department. After that, she pursued her dream of becoming a chef by working in various notable restaurants and hotels in France. After gaining valuable experience in the French culinary world, Bengi returned to Turkey, her home country. She started bringing exciting new perspectives to traditional Turkish cuisine by first studying and mastering traditional cooking methods.

In addition to working as a chef at various top restaurants in Turkey, Bengi has also operated as a consultant helping to improve the direction and menu offerings of a variety of notable restaurants. Over time, she developed a deep understanding of Turkish flavor profiles as well as expertise in the operational aspects of the restaurant industry. In 2014, three years after becoming a partner at the Craftpit F&B consultancy firm, Bengi joined forces with Koç Group. During a six-year stint as a restaurant manager at the American Hospital, Bengi was able to optimize operational processes and provide guests with many memorable culinary experiences.

In 2022, Chef Bengi joined Pardon, a restaurant 100% focussed on the practice of sourdough baking; in her new role, she supervises administrative processes with an innovative perspective, yet she remains loyal to traditional Boulangerie culture. Her extensive knowledge and experience enable her to successfully combine aspects of the French school with traditional Turkish baking methods.