Our Production Process

At Pardon Boulangerie, our relation with wheat begins with a touch. We improve our products feeling and cook looking. Putting standardization and calibration aside, we use the five senses for cook and prefer to integrate flour and sourdough into our life.

Dough maker is the only mechanical machine used in making breads. Our bakers perform shaping, weighing and putting breads in the oven in line with quality standards. So, products differ from each other. Quality of our production that makes no concessions of stability comes from our true crafting.

Dough of Pardon products is made of natural sourdough with a slow fermentation technique. Fermentation is a natural process that occurs after exposing the mixture high quality flour and water to an appropriate heat. This fermentation process is highly important at all stages for a baker that vitalizes wheat. At Pardon, this fermentation process is carried out using natural sourdough formed by Chef Taha with great efforts.

The wheat flour mix in Pardon products is produced from fine stone-milled grains procured only by manufacturers that meet our quality standards. Milling process conserves wheat germ which is source of many nutrients. Our wheat flour contains much more nutrients compared to white flour as no bleaching is done. At our Bakery's production facility, we also create products that are made of barley, oat, rye and einkorn wheat as well as nature wheat flour.